Database services

With so many marketing streams returning data, maintaining a clean, accurate and useful database is now harder than ever. You need a bespoke database built to your needs, designed to be flexible enough to change with your business whilst remaining safe and secure.

Integrated data services

Our data solutions are designed with integration as a key driver in the design process. This means you can connect all your data streams to provide a central repository to form the backbone to your marketing decisions; whilst also easily linking back into your marketing output.

Ensure marketing success

Our data and marketing team can provide the professional support and strategic guidance you need to maximize the value of your technology investment. Capitalize on customer data by seeking insights to drive data-driven marketing.

Give your data a safe home

Your marketing database has to be good so the right people see your messages at the right time. Build powerful one-to-one connections with your customers and help get your message to the people who matter.

A single database for cross-channel insight

Quality data

Eliminate poor spelling, standardise capitalisation and prepare and re-format address data. Correct partial, incorrect or outdated postcodes. Add missing and remove unwanted information.

Cost effective data

Resolve address data problems which hamper profitable business including costly post bills and cut wasted mailings.

Safe data

We are GDPR Compliant and all data is held within the UK.

Accurate data

Captured data goes through our rigorous verification process to ensure a greater than 99% accuracy. In addition run your data against the Royal Mail PAF file to ensure your address data is up-to-date.

Integrated Services

Our database and email marketing services are fully integrated to make sure you can be agile and deliver dynamic right-time messages.

Address Services

We use the full Royal Mail PAF data (covering all 28.5 million letterbox locations) to ensure your database is as accurate as possible.

Data Segmentation

Raise the level of your business insight by taking advantage of our campaign feedback and performance metric technologies.

Data Consultancy

We work with your team to help you gain a greater understanding of data, helping you map out and execute your marketing strategy

Data capture and competition response

Do you need to capture data from many different types of paper document including: coupons, vouchers, surveys, receipts and undelivered mail returns as well as email, online and SMS?

Our current capacity is 200 keying hours per week which equates in straight names & addresses terms to a capture level of a minimum of 50k per week.

Leverage our data capture capabilities to offer competition response management and administration services. Currently we receive around 3 million entries a year for clients.

Secure Data

Our servers are located in London at Europe’s leading data centre provider ensuring industry leading robustness and security. On top of that we run the latest hardware (Intel E5 Processors, SSD Storage, 40Gbit Network) all with multiple levels of redundancy.

As a minimum we backup all client databases on a daily basis. We have strictly enforced access control policies and vet all third party services to ensure that they meet or exceed the requirements of data protection legislation and have appropriate security and backup policies.

Quality assurance

We support and abide by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and meet ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 standards.