The Tiger Culture

At Tiger we want to build a happy and healthy workforce. We strive to hire the best and we value integrity, professionalism, respect, and collaboration. Our goal is to grow and develop every member of our team so that they can move forward and face ambiguity, find clarity and take action. Most importantly we work as a team.

As a team we have identified the following values that are the specific behaviours and skills we care about the most. We are all individuals and do not expect you to identify with all of these, however, the more these values sound like you, and describe people you want to work with, the better you will fit at Tiger. We aim to internalise these values and use them to guide our choices and actions to do what is best for our clients, team and business.


  • We learn quickly and actively.
  • We willingly contribute outside of our speciality or comfort zone.
  • We explore different perspectives.
  • We are open-minded in search of great ideas.
  • We seek to understand our customers and their businesses, and how we can best help them.


  • We are open, authentic and honest.
  • We give customers the Tiger experience.
  • We pick the right way to communicate.
  • We communicate proactively and update our clients every step of the way.

Expertise and Professionalism

  • We demonstrate a strong performance so colleagues can rely upon us.
  • We support our colleagues to make them better.
  • We question the status-quo.


  • We are open and respectful for other people’s ideas.
  • We say what we think (“real conversations”), even if it is uncomfortable, when it’s in the best interest of Tiger.
  • We do the right thing by Tiger.
  • We question actions inconsistent with our values.

Willingness to listen and to be taught

  • We listen to, explore and seek to understand different perspectives no matter where they come from.
  • We share knowledge freely and openly, to add value.
  • We are open to feedback from other team members and being respectful of all team members, no matter how new or what role they have within the company.
  • We listen to the customer and their needs and not imposing anything on them which they do not want.
  • We will not block out our colleagues needs and silo our expertise for personal gain.

Ownership and Accountability

  • We are accountable to the customer for meeting their objectives for the project.
  • We take ownership for projects - whether it be failure or success and the importance of being mindful and willing to reflect upon what is and isn’t working.
  • We try our best to give our all. We put more in, so everyone gets more out.
  • We are providing a service; our customers are our focus.
  • We do more than expected.
  • We do what is best for Tiger, rather than what is best for ourselves or the group.
  • We continuously try to improve ourselves.


  • We inspire others with our strive for excellence.
  • We care about our clients and Tiger‘s success.
  • We are determined and optimistic.
  • We are courteous and quietly confident.