Hilton Hotel recently reassured guests of hygiene and safety regulations by creating Hilton CleanStay. The main tenets of CleanStay are:

  • Cleaning procedures have been improved to give guests peace of mind.
  • A collaboration with Lysol, Dettol and the Mayo clinic to create a new set of guidelines.
  • Digital communication strategies and a transition to contactless technology allowing guests to navigate their whole hotel experience through the convenience of their mobile device.

For some a hotel stay is a luxury getaway, for others, it is a necessity if they are required to work away or perhaps need to see a loved one safely.

With industry-leading hygiene practices created to keep customers safe, Hilton CleanStay is a programme created to communicate the new protocols of the franchise. The aim is to keep guests well informed on digital platforms, in order to build trust and provide reassurance at a time
of uncertainty.

The Hilton CleanStay webpage focuses on highly visual content, demonstrating the brand’s efforts towards maintaining safety and protection during the COVID-19 pandemic. The web page is structured to keep customers well informed; with clean, bright imagery proving high hygiene levels in every department of the hotel. The imagery is complemented with calm, clinical blue colours and CTAs to allow the reader to access greater detail.

The franchise has produced an engaging advertising video of the new hygiene procedures. This shows hotel staff wearing PPE, demonstrates strict cleaning procedures and systematic hygiene monitoring.

Another part of the programme is the development of contactless technology including the use of the ‘contactless key’. This technology allows guests to navigate their whole hotel experience through the convenience of their mobile phone, enduring minimal (if any) human or surface contact. Through the “Hilton Honors” mobile app you can choose a room, check-in, access your room and check-out with a digital room key providing a COVID safe experience.

Hiltons’ partnership with Lysol, Dettol and the Mayo clinic also defines their new standard of ‘trusted know-how and scientific approach to cleaning practices and product offerings’. The research was carried out at the beginning of lockdown and data showed that 77% of people’s main concerns were of hygiene. The Hilton CleanStay programme is perfectly designed to allay these concerns.